We Redefine Refurbished Electronics Buying Expereinces

TECHMINT is a United States-based electronics online store that offers refurbished and new electronic devices. Our specialty lies in restoring electronic gadgets to mint condition and making them available to you at a fraction of the price.

Our refurbished electronics online store is the vision of Nolan Felarca, a man on a mission to redefine the standard of renewed electronics. We make your experience of buying used electronics feel like you are buying something brand new.

Our Ethos

The first steps towards a sustainable future begin with changing the dynamic by encouraging people to change their buying habits and opt for refurbished electronic products. To make it possible, we provide you with high-quality products in mint condition, just like new.

Our strength comes from the expertise of our in-house Mint Masters – experienced electronics specialists who work with a high level of precision and skill to renew used electronic products. They professionally review, repair, refurbish and clean used electronics to restore them to pristine condition before selling them to you.

What Drives Us

Environmental Consciousness

40 million tons of electronic product waste are generated each year worldwide. We believe by recycling them, we show kindness to our planet and pave the path for a more sustainable future.

Commitment To Quality

When it comes to the quality of our refurbished electronic products, we never slouch. Instead, we ensure that each device is fully functional and in the best physical condition possible before hitting our virtual shelves.

A Passion For Innovation

We make bold moves, take calculated risks and think out of the box to create meaningful change. We are never afraid to embrace new technologies and methods to enhance our products and your experience with us.

Your Satisfaction

We’re happy when you’re happy. From the quality of our products and your shopping experience on our refurbished electronics website to our delivery network, we work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Mission

At TECHMINT, we are driven by a simple goal – to become the best refurbished electronics website in the digital space offering more than just value for money. Our mission is to provide you with quality electronics at the most competitive rates in the market while minimizing the environmental impact of used electronic goods.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Services You Can Trust
  • Affordable Prices
  • Transparency
  • Unparalleled Buying Experience

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