5 Things to Avoid When Buying Refurbished MacBooks

What to Consider

You might be considering getting a refurbished MacBook Pro due to the price difference and knowing you're still purchasing a quality product that will last for years to come down the line. Refurbished MacBooks are a great way to go! After all, you can get newer technology with at least a 40% discount off retail prices. Yet it's important to note that there are some things to watch out for when searching for refurbished MacBooks. Otherwise, you'll end up getting a poor-quality product or scammed altogether.

Make Sure You’re Buying Refurbished & Not Used

There's a big contrast between the two! It's a common misconception that used and refurbished are the same thing. Used items are, well, used and they haven't been cleared or data and tested for functionality. Refurbished items are sold through authorized resellers who have taken the time to test, repair and refresh certain aspects of the MacBook to try to make it as new as possible. Refurbished MacBooks from Techmint go through a thorough 50-point inspection test, data is cleared and functionality is restored to a like-new state. When you simply buy used, you don't always know the full history, and it might turn on and function, but there could be serious flaws inside.

Confirm The Age Of The Refurbished Mac Pros

Macs are great machines but avoid older models when you enter the refurbished or used market. It might be too old to locate any type of official warranty or support from Apple themselves, and it also might be approaching the end of life. If you cannot check through the system settings after booting the computer up, you can always check by the serial number on the MacBook itself when looking for the age. EveryMac is the ultimate website to get information and specifications for Macs.

Avoid Those That Claim To Be Official

Not only do you want to find authorized resellers, but you also want to ensure and confirm they have all the proper certifications. Review their website to see what types of tests are conducted. Reputable refurbishers will offer you detailed information on their inspection and repair process and will usually offer a warranty of 60 days, 90 days and some will guarantee their work for up to 1 year. In addition, you want to check their reviews and what people state about them to ensure that you're working with a legitimate business and not someone fixing MacBooks in their garage when they have the spare time.

Not Checking Everything Out

So you've found authorized repair technician with the right certifications. That doesn't mean you still shouldn't check everything. You know the old saying, trust but verify. Do a full diagnostic and check every port, plug, camera, and everything else to ensure the hardware works. It's especially important to do this when your refurbished MacBook Pro arrives so if there are issues, you can let them know right away. You'll want to check to ensure that the software installed isn't corrupted either. Again, knowing the company's warranty is key.

Buying Without A Warranty

The best part about buying refurbished Mac Pros instead of used is that it comes with an updated extended warranty guaranteeing the device for a certain time period. This helps to bring peace of mind if there's a minor issue that isn't discovered until after being used for a while. If someone claims to offer refurbished products without a warranty, avoid it at all costs because it's not a safe bet. Another tip is to see if the company offers a free extended warranty with registration.

Buying refurbished MacBook Pros can be a really great experience if you know what to look out for and make sure that your expectations are managed. There is a strong possibility that the exterior could be damaged or scratched during these refurbishments.

Just take it as an indicator that the team fixing these MacBooks was dedicated to getting it up to speed, and some issues in aesthetics occurred. Nevertheless, you'll be able to get superior products at a steal of a price when looking at refurbished options.

Techmint offers a full line of refurbished MacBook Pros at an affordable cost. All are tested, refurbished and cleaned by certified repair technicians and include a one-year product warranty. Don’t just buy cheap, buy smart.

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